When CyberMedia launched its first product in 1982, Dataquest, a print magazine on computers (which was barely a $ 20 million industry those days) and the first computer magazine, it was with a clear focus which was to educate India about technology and facilitate computer users to leverage information technology to bring about progress within the country. Dataquest completes 3 decades this year and continues to p1maintain similar objectives. Though these 3 decades, CyberMedia has launched numerous media properties for the B2B communities which has made it the largest specialized media house in the country. Today its offerings span from multiple products for the information technology sector to the biotechnology sector, the telecom sector, the outsourcing space the entrepreneur community and more.

What has however changed is the way it used to deliver information earlier which was only through print products. CyberMedia was amongst the first organization to see shift to online media and launched, the first online property for the Indian information technology in 1996. Not only was it the first for this segment, it was amongst the first 50 online properties launched by any Indian organization – be it a media house or a corporate.

Today CyberMedia focus remains on the specialized sector. It’s mission is to provide useful content to the audience where they want it, when they want it and in for the format they need it. For advertisers and sponsors, CyberMedia strives to provide meaningful connects between them and their customers through its various offerings as well as by creating customized solutions for them.
CyberMedia has always been a pioneer with its offerings – be it the first magazine for IT professionals, the first magazine for telecom professionals, the first indigenous test center for IT products & services, the first CD to be bundled with a magazine, the first platform to connect outsourcing professionals across the globe and a lot more. It’s determination to provide content that enhances and facilitate industries to make progress has been unwavering and its resolve to provide meaningful connects to advertisers and sponsors to their customers remains the same it was when the first product was launched in 1982.

CyberMedia today has 12 print properties, 30 online properties and does more than 150 events (in various formats) for the specialized sector. Besides India CyberMedia also operates in the far east through its Singapore operations and in North America. Its cumulative audience reach across all its properties and geographies is 1.8 million.