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CyberMedia Group’s portfolio includes a strong suite of publications in the Indian IT, Telecom, BioTechnology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship industries. Our publications continue to showcase in-depth coverage, consistent engagement, 30 years of experience, and trust with both our readers and our partners alike.

CyberMedia audience reach includes Enterprise IT decision-makers, Biotech business leaders, technology enthusiasts, innovators, and entrepreneurs. With an estimated readership of 1 million readers on a monthly basis, CyberMedia continues to grow and reach our readers in innovative ways. Among the top 5 magazine publishers in India, CyberMedia will be celebrating its 30th year in December 2012. Despite the major trend towards digital media, our brands have continued to engage readers in new ways, and quality information to its readers.

Our Print Brands:




DQ Channels

The DQ Week

Abraxas Lifestyle

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Making IT Your Advantage – News Portal